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      New products

      • PC-58(P)


      Product Profile:

      The human-computer interaction interface is adopted, and the two working modes are chosen freely. Mode 1: Full-lift mode: Start pressure can be set arbitrarily, no downtime pressure can be set to achieve maximum pump head downtime. Mode 2: Accurate control mode: Start-up pressure and shutdown pressure can be set arbitrarily to achieve accurate control of the pressure of the pipeline system.

      Technical parameters:

      Rated voltage: 220V

      Maximum current: 10A or 30(16)A

      Maximum power: 1.1KW or 2.2KW

      Maximum allowable pressure: 10 bar

      Medium temperature: 0-80 C

      Pressure regulation range: 0.5-6 bar

      Product characteristics:

      Accurate control of pump starting point is realized by combining high precision pressure sensing technology with electronic control technology.

      1. With the human-computer interface, the starting point of the pump can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the full lift of the pump can be realized without setting the stop point.

      2. It is more reasonable to control the pump by using multi-control technology which combines flow sensing technology, pressure sensing technology and electronic control technology.

      3. Using the fault protection technology of the small flow water supply motor can effectively solve the heating problem caused by the frequent start-up of the motor when the pump is supplied with small flow water. It can effectively protect the motor and improve the reliability and service life of the system.

      4. Innovative through the new control technology, timed restart of long-term unused pumps, to achieve the bearing and transmission shaft components of cast iron pumps, which are prone to motor stuck and burned down due to rust problems.

      5. Installing a current protector on the control board effectively solves the problem of motor burnout caused by the rapid rise of current caused by voltage fluctuation or motor jam.

      6. Integrating the pressure stabilizing tank device with structural design, it has longer service life, better stabilizing effect, realizes drip leakage self-protection, and does not start water pump frequently.

      7. Undervoltage and Overvoltage Protection


      1. Color

      2. Fast Joint G1"

      3. Power line length:

      Packaging information:

      BOX SIZE(CM) 20.5×17×18.3
      CARTON SIZE(CM) 52.5×42.5×38.5
      PCS/CTN 12
      N.W.(KGS) 17
      G.W.(KGS) 19
      20GP QUANTITIES(PCS) 4188



      Tel: +86-576-86332977(國內) +86-576-86338977 (國外)

      Fax: +86-576-86337977 89965161

      E-mail: haitun1@snpump.cn haitun2@snpump.cn

      Add: Dayangcheng Industrial Estate,Daxi Town,Wenling ?city,Zhejiang,China


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