Security Tips to Safeguard Your Family from Terrorism

Terrorism is a big threat that is currently threatening the security of citizens in different nations around the world. TV and cable news reports are filled with videos of gruesome attacks in various cities around the world. Today it’s a car bomb attack, next it’s a train station bomb attack.

With these kinds of attacks, you need to ensure your family and home is protected from attacks. Home security monitoring is vital for a secure home. Terrorists are normal people like us. They may be our neighbors, our workmates or our friends. Identifying them will be difficult but below are tips that can help you identify if your are under a terrorist threat.

Beware of persons out of place

Workmates, friends and neighbors may seem non threatening when you look at them but if you were to observe their behavior, you might learn something. While learning the behavior of people around you, it does not mean that you are profiling them as individuals. Some of the behaviors to check among your friends, your workmates and neighbors include unusual questions regarding certain areas and other suspicious activities.

It is also important to inform your children to be careful when going to school and while coming back. They should also avoid engaging with strangers when requested to perform unusual activities.

Beware of surveillance from unknown persons

When terrorist choose to strike a particular target, they scout the area first by setting up surveillance. If you notice people or persons taking photographs of sensitive buildings or video recording activities around a place, your suspicions should be raised. While they may act like tourists, the best way to identify them is if you keep seeing them for a period of time like weeks or months.

Other ways to note a person, who is surveying, include writing notes, drawing diagrams and using binoculars among others. If you see such kind of behavior for a period of time, it is best to inform your local police department. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Beware of elicitation from strangers

Living in a city or town you get to meet different people from all walks of life. Some may ask directions to the park or museum or the zoo. Others may want directions to a particular hotel, restaurant or sports stadium. While being asked such kind of information may not raise suspicions, if you are frequently asked by the same person a couple of times in a week, month or day, you need to report it.

When you are asked information about a critical infrastructure such as a power plant, water reservoir or maritime port then you need to be aware. Information may not be requested in a conversation; they may call you or email or even contact you on the social network. Always be alert so as to prevent divulging sensitive information.

Beware of anyone acquiring chemical supplies or explosives

Terrorists use explosives or make explosives by purchasing supplies from relevant stores. While businesses are required to inform government security agents regarding purchase of dangerous materials by unlicensed people, others choose to ignore it while thinking of making profits. Actions like this have led to loss of lives in many nations.

If you see your neighbor or friend with chemicals or explosives in large quantities and are not authorized to have them, then you need to report them to the relevant authorities.

Beware of unauthorized security tests

Many people have invested in home security systems, home alarm systems and home security camera. These devices are installed to help boost protection in a home. The government has placed cameras all over the country at strategic locations to gather data and protect its citizens.

If you notice persons trying to evaluate or test the strength and weakness of a particular security apparatus or are recording and analyzing security information without authorization, raise an alarm. You need to inform your local police department of such kind of behavior so that they can investigate.

In conclusion, it is everyone’s duty to be each others neighbor and ensure no loss of lives occurs due to terrorist activity. You need to report any suspicious behavior to the relevant authority so that they can take action.